The Making of a One of a King Doll

This blog focuses on taking a production doll and changing her into a a One of a Kind (OOAK) doll.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Tale of 3 dolls!

I've been busy this week. I was able to finish 3 dolls and work on several others.

Doll #1:
First up is a Dawn of the Dance Frankie Stein. She is the second doll I "trolled" with yarn.  I used a black and white mixed yarn, that I had originally purchase to troll the CAM Witch. However once I saw Frankie sitting there, I knew she was next in line.

Here is her before and after:

Frankie has different colored eyes. I'm not sure if I'll ever attempt that again. It was very hard for me to get them  even.

I love my new Frankie! She has such sass and attitude.
Frankie received "trolled" yarn hair. And a brand new face with acrylic paints.  

The before and after picture is from:

And Frankie's cute dress is from the ebay seller:  Wearable Art for Dolls 

Doll #2: 
Next up is a Ghoulia Yelps OOAK.  Ghoulia is my favorite monster High Character. She is the reason I finally started buying Monster High Dolls. I liked the First Wave dolls but not enough to buy them, but then ghoulia came out and I was hooked. 

A couple of months ago I purchased a repainted Ghoulia head (in a lot of parts) from my favorite Monster High doll artist :  Ebay Seller: ravendollz . There was 1 tiny little problem, the head had orange eyes. And I didn't like the Orange eyes. Now normally I don't change other artist's work. I think doll artists work very hard on their dolls and they should stay "as is". I was hoping I would like the head better in person, but alas I didn't. So this week after months of sitting in a drawer, I repainted Ghoulia's eyes: 

 I "forgot" to take a before. (I'm trying to remember, but I often dive in to my projects when I get a spare minute or two.  However I love the way she looks now! I didn't change anything except the color of her irises and pupils. I tried to stay true to ravendollz's vision, and was careful to work within the lines of her painting.
This dress is from the etsy seller: Rosie's Runaway by MoreMeKnow , I've purchased several dresses from this seller and have had nothing but good experiences.

Doll #3

My last "finished" doll this week is another Ravendollz creation.

I got this lot from ravendollz this week:
Picture by ravendollz 

It is a really great lot! It included THREE repainted dolls/doll heads. The Rochelle Goyle is on my shelf, waiting for a hair appointment and a new outfit, the Robecca head already has a new body and she is being styled and having a few accessories made. (And waiting for a new outfit.). The Cleo head and body, have been repaired and the "new" doll is on my shelf, waiting for inspiration to strike. The Rochelle head has been wiped clean and is in the middle of a repaint. (Like I said I've been working.......) That leaves the Spectra head. I was really excited to get this head.  I couldn't wait to "troll" her. I started by removing all the hair from her head. And that nearly finished this project. The glue that Mattel uses in the Monster High heads is evil! Evil! Very, very, super evil! I was super careful and tried to keep my fingers away from Spectra's face, however that was nearly impossible and by the time I was done part of her facepaint was missing...... Gone. But I trolled her hair and did my best to repair the paint job. Try as I might, I could not get the vertical black lines under her eyes to look right, so I gave up and removed them both. And the black paint I use is a little more rich, then the paint ravendollz used. It took some time, but I'm happy with the way she turned out. 
She is completely different from any doll that I would create, however that is the point of buying OOAK's dolls from other artists. 
Her dress is a StarDoll dress that I purchased from Goodwill and cut down to fit the Monster High dolls.

Thank you for reading! I have several more dolls in progress, that I hope to post soon. School is starting this week, so I'm not sure that I will have a ton of time homeschooling my trio, however I will sneak away as I can.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hi Everyone,

It has been FOREVER! Forever and ever! It has been a really long time since I posted everything. And I have no excuse except for my 5 boys and homeschooling and well LIFE has gotten into the way of my creations.

However I recently finished making one of our "extra" bedrooms into an office and I have been spending all my spare time in there working.

I have been bitten HARD by the Monster High bug. I prefer collecting them to ALL other dolls right now. I still try and pick up a Barbie or Fashion Royalty doll from time to time but honestly I just prefer Monster High dolls.

I have been collecting supplies and items and S-L-O-W-L-Y rerooting a Monster High Create a Monster. However a "friend" sent me the instructions for "Trolling" hair. And I finally got up the courage to try it. Trolling is completely different from any "rerooting" technique I've ever tried. You take hot glue and yarn or mohair and GLUE it on the doll's head.

I will now show you my newest creation


This is a Draculaura Doll. She came in the 1st Clawd and Draculaura Gift Set. At this point you can see I have removed all of her hair.

And her she is today:

Draculaura has been repainted and had her hair "trolled". I love the way she turned out. The trolling process is much faster than rerooting and I'm still getting used to it. I think I'm going to prefer working with yarn while trolling, instead of mohair or fibers. 

I hopefully will be able to update next week.