The Making of a One of a King Doll

This blog focuses on taking a production doll and changing her into a a One of a Kind (OOAK) doll.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer of Silkstones:

Summer is here! I love summer and I hate summer. I hate hot weather, lots of sun, and long days. (Until I moved to the Great Northwest I had no idea it didn't get dark until 10pm. ) But I don't homeschool during the summer and I have free time. (Well as much free time as a mom to 5 can have.)

I've been busy working on some new dolls. Every time I get a spare moment and sneak away to work on my dolls I wonder why I don't do it more often.

So here are my "new" girls.

Gala Gown: She is just a redress. I purchased her nude because I'm not a gown person.

Next up: Luncheon Ensemble

 She hasn't been repainted, but I have "fixed" her hair. Fashion Luncheon had these strange sideburn on the side of her face. The promo pictures from Mattel showed "curls" but my doll's side burns weren't curly at all. I removed the sideburns, re-rooted the missing plugs with a similar color and gave her a subtle restyle:

45th Anniversary in 2011 Convention Dress: I found this great dress from the 2011 National Barbie Convention on eBay.  I really love the dress so  I found and restyled a 45th Anniversary Silkstone  to show it off. 

And last but not least is a repaint and restyle. This doll was a 2014 Fiorella Silkstone. She has been enhanced by me. I removed her bottom lashes. I added a small amount of brown to her eye crease. I slightly enlarged her iris and deepened the color. And finally I add a shadow to her lip crease. Her hair has been slightly altered from its original style. I left the original style alone and pulled the two sides up into a twist.

Thanks for stopping in!