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Friday, March 25, 2011

Re-rooting: The Part

If I being honest, I'd admit that doing a part on a Silkstone is the hardest task that I do while making over a doll.
Re-rooting Silkstone is very time consuming since I have to keep re-warming the head up to place the plugs. Getting a nice even part is very hard when you have to keep dunking the head and then drying it off.

Whenever I attempt a part (notice I use attempt) I alway going over Dan Lee's tutorial on re-rooting first: Wide Eyed Girls Re-Rooting Tutorial  I know the information by heart but I always find it inspiring to look and read a true artist's instructions first.

 Here is the doll before. (Notice I  changed the part to a more center location before starting.)
 The tools: Hair, Long Needle, Scissors, Rubber bands, a towel and HOT water

 Half the center part in place. It is nice and thick on one side and thin on the other. 

Before and After (with the finished part and the head placed back on the doll.)

Let me know what you think so far.

I had a question yesterday about removing  a Silkstone's heads. If it is like removing any other doll's head. It is very similar to removing other dolls' heads. However there are a couple of differences. (Anyone who removes a doll's head, does so at their own risk. )

a. The Silkstone head is made of very hard vinyl. You have to warm it up so it is soft before removing it. You can soak the head in hot water if you are not concerned with the hairstyle. OR you can wrap the hair with a cloth and use a heating pad to warm the head up. Both methods work well. Once the head is warm squeeze the head in at the ears and gently starting pulling it up. (If the head doesn't squeeze easily, warm it up more.)

b. The prong holding the head on is unique. It is made of plastic and it it can break or come out of the neck if you are not careful.

Here is a picture of Honey's body with the neck knob showing. Notice the neck knob looks like an arrow pointing up.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll "try" and answer them.

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